Staged Inspections

Staged Inspections -A stages inspection is where the owner would like to have the inspector inspect the construction through its various stages. For example, once the building is finished, at the practical completion stage, it is difficult to then ensure that all the insulation is put on the walls. It just cannot be done. Likewise, it is too late to make changes to the roof frame structure. It is too late to check all the bracing when the walls are all up. And so it goes on.

A stages inspection will allow the inspector to be there through the various stages of construction so that the owner is fully represented.

There was one building whereby the footings were poured 60 mm too short in one direction for some reason, and then the bricklayer went and built the walls above to the correct dimensions. The building inspector was called after the roof was on as the owner had just realized it was wrong after the builder’s supervisor quit his job. But at this stage, it is too late to work out a simple solution and to solve this it became very expensive for the builder and the owner lost a lot of time on his project.

The stages you would be best served at getting the inspections are when the footings and slab are being poured. These are two inspections. One each. Then when the walls are up at plate height. Then when the roof frame is up and again when the building is locked up, and then when the finishes are done. But call us first and explain what type of home you are having built, and give us your budget and we will tailor a package for you.