Perth Building Inspections

House and Commercial Building Inspections

  • Our Inspectors have excellect qualifications. Many inspectors have none, but ours do.
  • House Inspections are our greatest specialty. We are motivated to help you. Try us.
  • We will refund you if you are not satisfied with our building inspections report. Integrity is very important to us.
  • We inspect houses, townhouses, shops, home units, offices, and do small special
  • inspections. We will do anything you need us for. Call today on 0401 953 226.
  • Home Building Inspections give peace of mind to all buyers, so they have no regrets.
  • We can recommend sensible cost effective solutions for any problems found.
  • We can always give you excellent ideas and advice, and we will share contacts with you, who are also very fair.

Why Choose Us

Perth Building Inspections -Simply, we give excellent advice to help buy your home. We know the tricks that some people play with their homes. We have decades of experience. We see much more in your future home than you likely will. When we note a clue we will source the real problem down and let you know.

Often homes are in good conditions, and most cracks are normal to the building’s age. But it is not always so and in these instances, a buyer needs a real professional working with him.

In Perth, you could get a full Pre-Purchase Inspection before you buy. If you are building from interstate, or overseas, you may need full house construction inspections, especially at the practical completion stage.

Our prices are fair

We are not expensive, and we give good professional service. Have a look at our prices page. For example, our standard Building Inspection is $397. That is standard and a very fair price.

You can also call us and discuss what you have in mind with regards price as well. So just contact us. And if you have a story, we have time to hear it. If there is something that is not understood, it is because we were not able to get it across to you correctly. So please call us about it.

How far will we travel?

We have never been daunted by distance, and we have many contacts. We belong to a small alliance of inspectors who help each other and our work is across Australia, all the way up to Tokyo, Taipei and more. Again, just ask and let us get back to you with a proposal.

We also work with architects, engineers, and all other construction consultants.

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