Special Inspection

Special Inspection -The Special Inspection is when there is usually a fall out between what was expected by the client and what was expected by the building contractor. In this case, the inspector is called upon to inspect and give a report on what is there, knowing that the report may end up being used as evidence in a court of law.

Some special inspections may be as small as the contractor putting in the wrong tiles and for others, it might be massive roof leaks. Often there are two sides to these inspections and the inspector does have to follow what is ethical and nominate in the report what is the real problem. But at the same time, he should ease the line between the two parties so they can get down to resolving their problems and finish the building project.

The special inspection can also be anything one can imagine. It can be about trees, and not about buildings. It can be about when something happened. It can be about almost anything that is needed.

Special inspections can sometimes become expert witness testimony as well. It is not uncommon for a building inspector to be giving testimony in court or a tribunal.