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  • Our Inspectors have excellect qualifications. Many inspectors have none, but ours do.
  • House Inspections are our greatest specialty. We are motivated to help you. Try us.
  • We will refund you if you are not satisfied with our building inspections report. Integrity is very important to us.
  • We inspect houses, townhouses, shops, home units, offices, and do small special inspections. We will do anything you need us for. Call today on 0401 953 226.
  • Home Building Inspections give peace of mind to all buyers, so they have no regrets.
  • We can recommend sensible cost effective solutions for any problems found.
  • We can always give you excellent ideas and advice, and we will share contacts with you, who are also very fair.
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Perth Building Inspections Fast and Professional

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Simply, we give excellent advice to help buy your home.  We know the tricks that some people play with their homes. We have decades of experience. We see much more in your future home than you likely will. When we note a clue we will source the real problem down and let you know.

Often homes are in good conditions, and most cracks are normal to the building’s age. But it is not always so and in these instances, a buyer needs a real professional working with him.

In Perth, you could get a full Pre-Purchase Inspection before you buy.  If you are building from interstate, or overseas, you may need full house construction inspections, especially at the practical completion stage.   So ring Christian on 0401 953 266 – no obligation.


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House and Homes

Serving Perth

We service all Perth and surrounding regions. It does not matter if these are relatively new homes or Northbridge cottages, we will inspect them all.

There are different kinds of inspections

See our Inspection Types page for more details. However, we specialize in the traditional Pre-purchase Inspection, which is sometimes referred to as a Building inspection or a Structural Inspection. We also undertake construction staged inspections, noting the progress of homes as they are built. This can be many stages and is useful if you are not in Perth while the work is happening. We do commercial inspections as well. We can also mediate between home builder and buyer when there are upsets.  Also, we do Termite (timber pest) Inspections.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

This inspection is simply for the home buyer who wants to know below they buy what is really there. Inspectors are used to being able to see clues that an untrained eye cannot. That is the real difference. The inspector is looking for what is there that should not be, or what is not there that should be. A person working in the construction industry can see things an untrained eye will miss. That is all.

As the inspector gets along doing his inspection, turning on and off taps, checking light switches, he might see something that looks a bit odd, out of character. He will then take a closer look at it. An example might be simply checking under the kitchen sink for leaks, and as he does that he notices one of the screws holding the door seem to be covered with dirt. That should not be there. So he then he scrapes the dirt and sees there is no screw there at all. Then he closely investigates all the other screws on the door to find out why there was a missing screw. He then checks all doors very thoroughly. His findings of this micro-scrutiny then go into his report.

Another example might be that he sees a verandah post that is partially buried in the ground. That is wrong as it allows termites to access the post without being seen. So now he checks the integrity of this post very carefully, and the other posts near it. He taps the timber, pushes the sides firmly. He looks are the light reflecting off the post, looking for ripples that might indicate that under the paint it has been eaten away. In other words, his investigation skills become heightened when he sees something that is not meant to be there. If nothing else he reports about the post, that is meant to be elevated above the ground, with the steel stirrups exposed so that termites can only get to it with mud tubes that are easily seen from outside.

A good inspector will also be able to give you the contacts of people who can do remedial work, and he will guide you to a good solution. A good inspector will not try to kill your sale by showing how good he is. If he finds something he will simply make you aware of it, and how to fix it, and so on.

Special Inspection

The Special Inspection is when there is usually a fall out between what was expected by the client and what was expected by the building contractor. In this case, the inspector is called upon to inspect and give a report on what is there, knowing that the report may end up being used as evidence in a court of law.

Some special inspections may be as small as the contractor putting in the wrong tiles and for others, it might be massive roof leaks. Often there are two sides to these inspections and the inspector does have to follow what is ethical and nominate in the report what is the real problem. But at the same time, he should ease the line between the two parties so they can get down to resolving their problems and finish the building project.

The special inspection can also be anything one can imagine. It can be about trees, and not about buildings. It can be about when something happened. It can be about almost anything that is needed.

Special inspections can sometimes become expert witness testimony as well. It is not uncommon for a building inspector to be giving testimony in court or a tribunal.

Commercial Inspections

Commercial inspections can be almost any size and can be almost any type of building. Most are relatively small, such as shops, small factories and so on. These are easy. Some are bigger, such as shopping malls, multi-storey buildings and so on. Offices will fall into this category as we.

We have also done inspections for damage from roadworks, demolition and so on. Then there are the dilapidation reports for properties next o new large buildings being built next door. We have done them all. Just ask us.

To give a price for these on the internet would be unfair. We would need to have your information sent to us and we can give a quote based on what you supply us. Photos are good to have.

Our prices are fair

We are not expensive, and we give good professional service. Have a look at our prices page. For example, our standard Building Inspection is $397. That is standard and a very fair price.

You can also call us and discuss what you have in mind with regards price as well. So just contact us. And if you have a story, we have time to hear it. If there is something that is not understood, it is because we were not able to get it across to you correctly. So please call us about it.


The Practical Completion Inspection

This is the second most popular inspection. Years ago many of the houses built used to have architects. Part of their role was to oversee the construction of the house, which they had designed, and make sure that the client was not pressured into accepting sub-standard buildings. As times changed many houses were designed by designers, people not trained as architects, but who had a flair for design. Builders picked up on these, and so many houses got built by builders only, without architects. Added to this, to standardize the industry the Building Codes of Australia were more well known and eventually architect’s specification became redundant. At this point, the architect became outmoded for many housing projects.

With no one over the builder, to oversee his construction, some unscrupulous builders would cheapen their work and try to bully clients into accepting lesser quality, which architects previously would have refused.

Many clients then become frustrated by some builders, their foremen and so on at not understanding what they really are expecting. It is at this point that they contact a building inspector.

The building inspector is not an architect, but he does have the purpose of protecting your own interests. He will know buildings and what should be there. He will also act as your side of this, but as impartial as is right. If you are not correct in your assumption of things, he will explain. For example, while motorcars are built by robots to a tenth of a millimeter tolerance, houses are wet-built by humans, and the tolerances are much bigger. So sometimes clients need to have what is tradesmanlike and accepted explained to them by someone who is not making any financial advantage by that explanation.

In most cases the client is totally correct in that he is being taken advantage of. When an inspector receives a call from a client, it is because that builder has gone too far and the trust between the builder and client has been lost. However, at the same time, many builders welcome the inspector as now they also have someone they can explain their own side of things to, and the inspector does know buildings.

The practical completion inspection can take an hour or an hour and a half, depending what is there. It is best done when both client and builder are present. That way the inspector can get agreement from both parties as to what really needs to be done. But in saying this, it is up to the client to get the builder to the inspection.

Staged Inspections

A stages inspection is where the owner would like to have the inspector inspect the construction through its various stages. For example, once the building is finished, at the practical completion stage, it is difficult to then ensure that all the insulation is put on the walls. It just cannot be done. Likewise, it is too late to make changes to the roof frame structure. It is too late to check all the bracing when the walls are all up. And so it goes on.

A stages inspection will allow the inspector to be there through the various stages of construction so that the owner is fully represented.

There was one building whereby the footings were poured 60 mm too short in one direction for some reason, and then the bricklayer went and built the walls above to the correct dimensions. The building inspector was called after the roof was on as the owner had just realized it was wrong after the builder’s supervisor quit his job. But at this stage, it is too late to work out a simple solution and to solve this it became very expensive for the builder and the owner lost a lot of time on his project.

The stages you would be best served at getting the inspections are when the footings and slab are being poured. These are two inspections. One each. Then when the walls are up at plate height. Then when the roof frame is up and again when the building is locked up, and then when the finishes are done. But call us first and explain what type of home you are having built, and give us your budget and we will tailor a package for you.

How far will we travel?

We have never been daunted by distance, and we have many contacts. We belong to a small alliance of inspectors who help each other and our work is across Australia, all the way up to Tokyo, Taipei and more. Again, just ask and let us get back to you with a proposal.

We also work with architects, engineers, and all other construction consultants.